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> gentoo is great, but the developers handleing the ebuilds for vpopmail and
> qmail need to freakin chill on the custom crap... I see it as forcing me to
> go from source on everything.

no kidding .. my primary vhost server is now completely borked ... 

I can't get this working again ... and I don't knwo what I'm doing wrong .. 

shows you how long ago I did a manual vpop install. 

I basically did this .. : 

removed this from ebuild

        --disable-tcp-rules-prog --disable-tcpserver-file 
--disable-roaming-users \
        || die


--enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/tcp.smtp \
       --enable-roaming-users=y --enable-relay-clear-minutes=60 \
       --disable-rebuild-tcpserver-file \

but still can't get the relay cdb to get rebuilt after pop

any suggestions ... ? 


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