James McMillan wrote:
Ok, it's been about a week now of upgrading my box. I've changed from vpasswd cdb's to the mysql auth type. I've imported all my old mail/domains/users/etc. Everything seems good, and I was planning to do the flip this weekend... well, everything but imap.

noticed trying to login with squirrelmail, it rejected every user. vuserinfo is succesful, but my maillog states the following:

Jun 30 15:37:03 minoru imapd: chdir "/usr/local/vpopmail/domains/xxx.com/postmaster": Permission denied Jun 30 15:40:20 minoru imapd: chdir "/usr/local/vpopmail/domains/xxx.com/postmaster": Permission denied Jun 30 15:41:38 minoru imapd: chdir "/usr/local/vpopmail/domains/xxx.com/mint": Permission denied

imap is running as root

minoru# ps axfu | grep cour
root 512 0.0 0.2 1252 864 con- I 3:25PM 0:00.05 [couriertcpd] root 515 0.0 0.1 1212 712 con- I 3:25PM 0:00.03 /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger imapd root 522 0.0 0.2 1252 864 con- I 3:25PM 0:00.02 [couriertcpd] root 524 0.0 0.1 1208 672 con- I 3:25PM 0:00.02 /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger imapd-ssl

and the directory is 700 vpopmail:vchkpw

Any clues?

I must be one of the few who had no issues getting Courier/SquirrelMail/Vpopmail to work. I just followed the instructions to the letter. Though Courier likes to hang up on large mail boxes now and then, it works.

However, we are switching to Binc. It runs in daemontools, uses vchkpw for auth, is faster, was a piece of cake to set up on the dev box. I can recompile/upgrade any part of vpopmail without having to mess with my imap server.

I would give it a try if you have the time.

I followed the website instructions at, http://lifewithbincimap.org/index.php/Main/LifeWithBincIMAP

I didn't and don't like the idea of a symlink in every Maildir, so to get squirrelmail/vpopmail/qmail working I looked here,


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