On Thursday 30 June 2005 04:31 pm, James McMillan wrote:
> Ok, just for fun...   I chmod -R 777 the postmaster dir.
> Then I logged in, and sent a mail, and back, then checked the new
> permissions.
> Now the directory shows uid 89, which is my old mailservers uid for
> vpopmail.  The new server's vpopmail uid 1008.
> It seems that the uid is statically compiled somewhere....  I just don't
> know where.

it's in the /var/qmail/users/assign file.

Generally when you migrate between systems you should make sure all relevant 
information (uids, paths to binaries/directories, etc) are all the same as 
they were on the old system.  Otherwise you will have problems like the one 
you are experiencing now.


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