Thanks, I actually just ran into that before you wrote, but how do i update the assign.cdb file?

Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

On Thursday 30 June 2005 04:31 pm, James McMillan wrote:
Ok, just for fun...   I chmod -R 777 the postmaster dir.

Then I logged in, and sent a mail, and back, then checked the new

Now the directory shows uid 89, which is my old mailservers uid for
vpopmail.  The new server's vpopmail uid 1008.

It seems that the uid is statically compiled somewhere....  I just don't
know where.

it's in the /var/qmail/users/assign file.

Generally when you migrate between systems you should make sure all relevant information (uids, paths to binaries/directories, etc) are all the same as they were on the old system. Otherwise you will have problems like the one you are experiencing now.



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