On Jun 30, 2005, at 1:37 PM, Jeff Koch wrote:
Is there a command to force vpopmail to recalculate the maildirsize. We see a few cases where it is out of sync with the actual bytes and message count. Also, we see a few accounts that are over quota still are accepting mail - especially dictionary attack spams. Can the system enforce strict quotas and just not accept any mail when over quota. We had a account go over 997MB due to dictionary attacks and they had set the account as the default.

Old bug in vdelivermail -- it wouldn't do quota checks on the catchall mailbox.

To force a maildirsize recalculation, just delete the maildirsize file.

I have a new vdelivermail in a read-to-release 5.4.12 that I need to upload to SourceForge. I still consider it somewhat beta, but 5.4.12's vdelivermail might be more reliable than 5.4.10 (the last release before my re-write).

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