We use Bill Shupp's Toaster with qmail, vpopmail and qmailadmin. You're saying quotas won't work with this combination and just vpopmail installed?

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here's my two cents on this issue...
maildirsize will not reset unless you use courier pop3d or qmail-pop3d with
maildir++ patch. Otherwise peoples quotas will fill up and never go down
unless you run a cron to remove maildirsize for every user.

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> Is there a command to force vpopmail to recalculate the maildirsize. We
> a few cases where it is out of sync with the actual bytes and message
> count. Also, we see a few accounts that are over quota still are accepting
> mail - especially dictionary attack spams. Can the system enforce strict
> quotas and just not accept any mail when over quota. We had a account go
> over 997MB due to dictionary attacks and they had set the account as the
> default.
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