On Thursday 30 June 2005 06:14 pm, Brian Lanier wrote:
> My understanding was that the when addressed to someone on the BCC line it
> simply existed as roughly [EMAIL PROTECTED] I thought each message only had 
> one
> envelope recipient so that to have the message go to multiple parties you
> got multiple messages in the queue each with a different envelope
> recipient. 

no, qmail stores multi-recipient messages in the queue as one message, with 
multiple recipients.

> Am I way off on my "understanding" here? If so, is there an 
> environment variable that stores the BCC field or are we saying the same
> thing only different.

no, there is no way to get the entire contents of the envelope in a .qmail 
file.  This would pose a privacy issue.  Say I sent bob an email and BCC'ed 
it to Jane.  There is no evidence in my email that jane received it, but if 
the entire envelope information was available in an environment variable, or 
some other fashion, to all local recipients, then the BCC recipients could be 

The only recipient you will get with [EMAIL PROTECTED] in a .qmail file is the 
recipient that is currently being delivered to.

> Currently I am migrating my logging down into my 
> maildrop file to catch the envelope recipients due to fact that queue_extra
> changes what I know as the envelope recipient to log, which is set up as a
> an alias that runs maildrop with a special filter file. If I can do it all
> at once and at the queue level that would be great. My method doesn't seem
> to be the most efficient yet it does work.

maildrop still will not have information about the *entire* contents of the 


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