5.4.12 - released 4-Jul-05

This release fixes a few bugs that cropped up in the vdelivermail rewrite for 5.4.11. Because of the significant changes to vdelivermail since 5.4.10, this
release should not be used on production machines until other developers
have had a chance to test it.

It also includes some minor fixes to long-time bugs -- see the ChangeLog
for details.


Tom Collins
- vdelivermail: read full message, even on catchall delete/bounce
  to avoid SIGPIPE error if maildrop is calling vdelivermail.
- vdelivermail: missing declaration when QMAIL_EXT defined.
- vpopmail.h: remove declaration of crypt() and use #include
  crypt.h instead (if present).
- configure: remove enable-domainquotas option until the domain
  quota code is fixed.
- maildirquota.c: fix bug from 5.4.11 that could accidentally
  close stdin and result in a failed delivery in vdelivermail.
- vpopmail.c: better error checking in r_mkdir().

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