On Tuesday 05 July 2005 16:50, Peter Palmreuther wrote:
> Hello List,
> On Tuesday, July 5, 2005 at 7:24:19 PM patrick wrote:
> > by the way: does anyone know a good howto to use smtp after pop with
> > vpopmail? regards
> That's exactly 'roaming users' feature of vpopmail.

Yes.  Just so everyone is aware, it won't work with the latest versions of 
Courier-IMAP.  You will need to find a 3.x series Courier-IMAP if you want to 
use that feature.

SMTP-Auth is more flexible and works better, IMHO.  It usually comes with LDAP 
baggage in the patch, though... if you don't need that functionality, you 
could perhaps hack it back out (I haven't tried).  It also has traditionally 
conflicted with the chkuser patch, which I need for my Barracuda spam 

Hope this helps.


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