On Tuesday 05 July 2005 17:19, Bruno Negrão wrote:

> What's bad on inter7 tools? For example, my boss thinks Sqwebmail is ugly,
> and it really is. But, IMP is a pain in the ass to set it up. We
> substituted Sqwebmail to IMP, but when I have to update IMP I almost break
> down and cry. Sqwebmail is easy and ugly, IMP is handsome and very
> complicated to install.

How about Squirrelmail?  TWIG is a little fugly, but it's back in releases 
again and works very well.

> But we're happy with Qmailadmin though. But could be nicer if Sqwebmail and
> Qmailadmin were integrated and very good looking, providing a continuos
> look and feel pattern.

Not workable, IMHO.  Not necessarily desirable, either.   Qmailadmin has some 
little warts but works very well.  I'm relatively happy with it, personally.

Big improvements are needed in vqadmin, however.

> I don't understand about licensing, but I researching on Qmail-ldap, I
> heard it is licensed "under BSD which is
> DFSG-free" - having this licensing, could it be shipped with the
> distributions? Do you have some opinion on Qmail-ldap?

qmail-ldap is a patch. 

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