On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 04:33:25PM -0400, Steve Cole wrote:
> I've had it stop running enough times that I run "/etc/init.d/qmailq 
> start" every hour, just so that I can be sure it will continue (we get 
> over 500K mail per day, and queues infuriate users).  It only quits 
> maybe once a month or so, but luckily running /etc/init.d/qmailq 
> doesn't break anything.

I never installed anything big, but as a summer job I worked for 1  
months in my friend's ISP where one RH ES was handling around the same 
load (maybe a bit less) nicely. I was the only person looking after it 
for that period and I never had to kill qmail-send. Maybe I had to send 
ALRM a couple of times, but other than that no worries at all. And the 
best part of qmail(/daemontools) as I always say that I can sleep 
peacefully knowing that qmail will be doing its work and so far for me 
it has.

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