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>On Wednesday, July 6, 2005 at 3:36:39 PM patrick wrote:
>>>Please post the output of
>> rcpthosts: (Default.) SMTP clients may send messages to any recipient.
>*THIS* is your problem: you don't have any domain in 'rcpthosts' and
>therefore your qmail-smtpd feels responsible for *all* domains => your
>installation is an open relay.

Yepp...! That's what I figured out yesterday night... All the time I thought, 
for any reason, that smtp-auth controls every incoming mail and blocks every 
mail without a vpopmail account, while rcpthosts must be open... but it 
actually let's vpopmail-users send mail to remote clients, while the sending 
possibility is actually blocked by the rcpthosts-file... I feel quite ashame 
for having the solution so obviously in front of me without seeing it... But 
thanx to all of you... Now everything works fine! (Receiving email did't work 
because I had the domains in my locals-file)
Patrick Gehm

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>into 'rcpthosts', this will make your installation accept only mail to
>one of these domains, unless RELAYCLIENT is set (which is done if you
>SMTP-AUTH). Additionally follow Jeremys advice to delete these domains
>from 'locals' and insert them formatted correctly into
>'virtualdomains' to make vpopmail handle them again.
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>Peter Palmreuther
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