I ran into a similar problem a while ago. The easiest way with qmail is
just to apply this patch and in control/outgoingip put the ip you want
mail sent out on.



Mike Garrison

> I started writing an email to the list asking for help, and in the
> process I found a solution.  I figured I'd share the solution, as
> others might benefit from it as well.
> A spammer exploited a formmail script on my server to send a bunch of
> spam to aol users.  As a result, AOL has temporarily blacklisted my IP
> address.  I was able to clean up the remaining spam in the queue, but
> now legitimate email to aol.com was getting deferred.
> My server (Linux FC3) has a secondary IP on it's network interface, so
> I tried to find a way to route outbound mail via that IP instead of the
> primary (blacklisted) IP.
> The solution was actually quite simple and clean.  I added a route for
> AOL's mailserver netblocks to the server's routing table and told them
> to use interface eth0:0 instead of eth0.  Substitute your server's
> actual gateway for and the netblocks you want to re-route
> for and
> # route add -net netmask gw dev
> eth0:0
> # route add -net netmask gw dev
> eth0:0
> In about a day or so (once the blacklisting is over), I'll delete the
> routes.
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