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On Friday, July 8, 2005 at 2:33:44 AM Jeremy wrote:
> On Thursday 07 July 2005 02:31 am, Peter Palmreuther wrote:
>> On Wednesday, July 6, 2005 at 3:36:39 PM patrick wrote:
>> >>Please post the output of
>> >>
>> >>/var/qmail/bin/qmail-showctl
>> >
>> > rcpthosts: (Default.) SMTP clients may send messages to any recipient.
>> *THIS* is your problem: you don't have any domain in 'rcpthosts' and
>> therefore your qmail-smtpd feels responsible for *all* domains => your
>> installation is an open relay.

> while this certainly is the problem, it's not as you describe.

> if rcpthosts exists, but is empty, clients must have RELAYCLIENT to send
> messages.

My fault. I should have writte "as you don't have the file rcpthosts"
instead of "don't have any domain in". But the point was qmail-showctl
saying "clients may send messages to any recipient" and to "make
something" to change this ;-)
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