Okay I'll try to spell it out for you

When setting a vacation message you've got to set the .qmail file for the
user to pipe the email to a program. Normally it's autoresponder. But what
you're going to have to do is pipe it to a custom script written by you in a
language that can execute sql queries(php, perl, python, et cetera). That
script is going to have to read the vacation message from the sql table and
then email the person back. When I said you're on you own I meant it, I
assumed that also implied that there would be no documentation on it. If you
have qmailadmin, make a test email account and set a vacation message. then
look at the dot qmail file to see how autoresponder works.
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> >vpopmail supports piping mail to autoresponder, autoresponder does the
> >vacationing.
> I'm not seeing any really clear cut documentation on how to do this.
> Do I just change the .qmail-default file, and then it just works for
> whomever has an autoresponder entry in the database?
> Thanks,
> Andrew.

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