That's actually very good. I'd make a cron job to check the db entries. then
every five minutes it would write the dot qmail files based on what the db
says. btw how's horde working out. I was thinking of using it.

More on the script, the script should write indevidual dot qmailfiles for
each user in their home dirs that way compatability with qmailadmin isn't

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> >Okay I'll try to spell it out for you
> You spell very well ;)
> Do you think it would work if I wrote a program to check if the recipient
> has an autoresponder entry in the DB, and if they do, do an autoresponder
> thing.
> So I'm thinking that the qmail-default could look something like
> |checkforawaymessage
> |vdelivermail etc...
> That way, I'd never have to edit the users .qmail file.

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