>That's actually very good. I'd make a cron job to check the db entries.
>every five minutes it would write the dot qmail files based on what the db
>the script should write indevidual dot qmailfiles for
>each user in their home dirs that way compatability with qmailadmin isn't

The only problem I see with this, is that it's a very specific glue. Which
isn't all that bad, I guess. 
Is there a safe way to let the horde script write the .qmail file? I think
that would be a little more elegant than a cron job, and less maintenance. 
Then it could take effect immediately, as well. 

Then, all I'd have to write is a horde drive for vacation that could read
the vpopmail data, and make the appropriate change to the file

>btw how's horde working out. I was thinking of using it.
It's great. Until you try to upgrade it. 
Don't think of using the gentoo ebuilds. They're pootched. 
Adding new modules is super easy, and writing _LOOKS_ easy enough.

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