>Just a suggestion: it would be very easy if you are using vpopmail with
>mysql support for aliases - then you can just insert an alias for this
>user, piping the mail to autoresponder and vdelivermail.

We still have the problem of storing all the autoresponder information.
Unless I'm not following your suggestion properly. 

What I've got so far:
1)horde-vacation is set up with a custom database driver specifically
written for qmail-autoresponder
2) user types in all vacation junk
3) on save, 
   a)the autoresponder info is written to the DB
   b)the horde module runs a vpopmail-setuid binary
   c)the binary takes parameters for the operation and the user
   d)the binary reads the user home dir from the vpopmail DB
   e)the binary modifies the user .qmail file appropriately. 



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