There's a patch called bounceroutes which basically allows you
to define artificial routes for bounce messages in a file
called bounceroutes using the same format as smtproutes,
including defaults.  

Use that patch, set up a separate server and add
to the file, effectively telling your system to send all bounce
messages to the bounce server so it is the one that ends up
blacklisted.  That way only spamcop users won't receive their
legitimate email.


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> Subject: [vchkpw] How do you handle spamcop
> Hi All,
> I am sorry if the problem has been addressed before, but i 
> would like to know how is everyone dealing with SPAMCOP's 
> bounce and autoresponder's issue. Despite of userchk, bounces 
> are possible due to small things like over-quota (which is 
> common problem for us running thousands of domain). Also 
> Auto-responder are somehting that cannot be ignored and 
> people do use them.
> All i can find is the BOUNCEQUEUE patch, which is not 
> feasible for us in correct situation.
> So i would be thankful, if everyone shares his way to deal 
> with this issue.
> Regards,
> Tanmay 
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