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When I apply the taps patch file and recompile my qmail, I can't see the logs in /va r/log/maillog anymore but before I applied the taps patch I can see the logs in that directory.

How were the logs getting into /var/log/maillog before?

I just simply add *.* /dev/tty on the syslogd.conf

How does that affect /var/log/maillog?

I don't know I just can\t see anyting in it, btw I am using qmail-scaner, the after 2 days my qmail-scanner is not working anymore, I can acceppt many spam now

Qmail logs do not necessarily go to syslog. How qmail logs get into /var/log/maillog is critical to figuring out how it might be broken.

I suggest you read www.lifewithqmail.com, and set your system up that way, THEN set it up with qmail-scanner, and get back to us.

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