We wrote an LDAP authentication module for vpopmail quite some time
ago.  It exists in vpopmail to this day.  qmail-ldap is not qmail,
and it is not vpopmail.  It's a completely seperate package built
directly with LDAP support.
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Hi Matt,

I know exactly what Qmail-ldap is. I'm working hard on it's documentation in www.qmail-ldap.org (see my contributions in http://www.qmail-ldap.org/index.php?title=Special:Contributions&target=Bnegrao if you're curious)

So I'll repeat my question - Why isn't Qmail-ldap interesting for Inter7?

It's not qmail, that's why you should take it.

When people move from qmail to qmail-ldap they have to abandon inter7 tools. And this happens forcibly - we didn't want to loose the comfort of Inter7 tools but we have to do this because **qmail-ldap does a lot of things that [qmail + inter7] cannot do**.

Again, why not qmail-ldap?

Thank you,

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