Bruno Negrao wrote:

We wrote an LDAP authentication module for vpopmail quite some time
ago.  It exists in vpopmail to this day.  qmail-ldap is not qmail,
and it is not vpopmail.  It's a completely seperate package built
directly with LDAP support.
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Hi Matt,

I know exactly what Qmail-ldap is. I'm working hard on it's documentation in (see my contributions in if you're curious)

So I'll repeat my question - Why isn't Qmail-ldap interesting for Inter7?

It's not qmail, that's why you should take it.

When people move from qmail to qmail-ldap they have to abandon inter7 tools. And this happens forcibly - we didn't want to loose the comfort of Inter7 tools but we have to do this because **qmail-ldap does a lot of things that [qmail + inter7] cannot do**.

Again, why not qmail-ldap?
Hi Bruno,

I finally got some time to reply.

It's pretty simple. It comes down to how to pay the bills.
We have limited resources so we have to limit our focus.
In the last 8 years I think only three people have asked us
about working with qmail-ldap.

If you would like to help cover our costs to write the code
we would be happy to work on it.

Ken Jones

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