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On Sunday, July 17, 2005 at 7:06:05 AM BSUMRALLL wrote:

>  /usr/bin/qmailctl cdb
> Which told me 
> /usr/bin/qmailctl: line 102: /etc/tcp.smtp: No such file or  directory
> chmod: cannot access `/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb': No such file or  directory
> Reloaded /etc/tcp.smtp.
> This is not supposed to be looking for it there is it?

It is. qmailctl expects the file at this location.
vpopmail can be compiled to use *this* file too (if not configured it
does not guess where the file is, but simply assumes you configure the
rest to use *its* file).

Replace '/etc/tcp.smtp' and '/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb' with symlinks to files
in '/home/vpopmail/etc' and you're done.

> Mail is being accepted by QMail in the logs error free, but not
> being delivered.

This has nothing to do with 'tc.smtp.cdb'.

> Suggestions?

Yes: what (exactly) do the logs say? What does 'qmail-showctl' say?
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