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Please bear with me as I am new to qmail, but I need to design and build a system where hosting is done for a domain whos users are spread across 2 or more mail servers. So if the qmail server has accounts for [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED], . [EMAIL PROTECTED], and then another server, server B, not a qmail server, has [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED], . [EMAIL PROTECTED] . Then if the qmail server gets a message for [EMAIL PROTECTED], I want it to relay the message on to server B. Now from my vague understanding of qmail, it seems I could put [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED], etc in the virtualdomains file, but it is not clear to me how I would add the relay feature? Basically the logic would be, if I dont have a virtualdomain user mail box, then relay it to the next server. Now I know this sounds like a relay nightmare, and I wont deny there is potential for a loop in mail delivery, (server B also has to be able to relay with this sort of logic), we do have a set of gateway (email) hosts (IMgates) which have a list of valid users that our hosting services accept mail for, so we dont have the nightmare of relaying email around in circles because we have accepted mail for a mail box we dont host. The above solution is not very desireable because the users should be in the mysql database, although we could generate the virtualdomains file from the mysql database. I might could 'get something to work' but I am hoping for an industry standardized method, or eloquent solution.


Again here is a summary of how I need it to work. The servers, qmail included, push a list of valid recipient addresss to the mail gates. The gate accepts mail for a valid recip, and forwards it to qmail. Qmail either delivers it for forwards it on to server B.



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Use virtual user entries in control/virtualdomains to handle mail for the qmail-hosted addresses, and a control/smtproutes entry to forward the rest to the other host.


E.g., in virtualdomains:


  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:alias-axample.tld


So user1's mail would be handled by ~alias/.qmail-axample:tld-user1.

Then in smtproutes:




Put example.tld in control/rcpthosts, but *not* in control/locals.



But I asked the wrong question to the wrong group. Now that I have read and understand a little better,

It seems like the .qmail-default file is where I would ‘like’ to make this work. I have tried various ways

To try and make the second argument to vdelivermail to forward to a name or IP address, but no luck, and

As I understand it, I have a choice of bounce, email address, directory name, but not machine name ? Am I missing something ? Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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