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On 2005-07-22, at 15:06, Andras Kende wrote:
> I have a server where I receive about 10000 spam emails / day.
> I had set to "Set catchall email deleted" which made it down to  
> 1000 spam a day.
> Before was "Set catchall email bounced" but the queue was filling  
> up quickly...
> Can you give some advice what is the best way to deal with this  
> situation?

there are several patches out there which will make qmail-smtpd not  
accept incoming messages for mailboxes which don't exist. the  
"chkuser" patch seems to be getting the most press at the moment, but  
i don't like it- if i remember correctly it requires you to build  
vpopmail before compiling qmail, which seems somehow backwards to me.

another one that i found used a text file full of email addresses,  
and anything not listed in the file was rejected. sounded like a good  
idea, except that it had to read the entire text file into memory for  
every invocation of qmail-smtpd... which means it would be a step  
backwards for one of my clients (a large ISP with 70K mailboxes.)

i ended up writing my own version of this, but it uses a cdb file  
instead of a text file. it's part of the combined patch set that i've  
been doing for the qmailrocks distro, but it's also available as a  
stand-alone patch against djb's original qmail-1.03.tar.gz source.


if anybody has questions, please don't email me directly. ask them on  
this list or on the qmailrocks list, and i will answer them on the  
list... that way everybody gets the benefit of the answers.

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I did the chkuser patch with the orther patches and just copied over
the new qmail-smtpd file...

Looks like everything working great now. 

Microsoft 2003 Outlook crashed its .PST file before because
of the high load of spam :)

Andras Kende

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