Dear Sir,
Please tell me how I can user vipmap command to bind ip address for the domain and ip
Thanx a lot.
Manish Jain
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dear Manish
compiling vpopmail with


and then binding each ip to a domain name using vipmap should solve your 1st problem and for second even i want to know.

Rizwan Iqbal Malik

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Subject: [vchkpw] How to bind IP address to a virtual domain

Hi All,

I am using Linux3.1+Qmail+Vpopmail+Qmailadmin+SQwebmail.
Now I want to bind unique IP address to each virtual domain created
using vpopmail so that the users under the specified domain can use
that IP binded with that domain for SMTP/POP. And I can apply
bandwidth controls on the specified IP address.

Thanx in advance,
Manish Jain
Sr. Engineer [IDC]
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