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I just installed vpopmail 5.4.10 in a penguin dual processor running suse linux 9.3 and in a penguin dual processor running Redhat Enterprise linux AS 4. The problem i have is that the quota file is not updating after my users check and download their emails.

I configured my outlook client to download the messages from the server, not to leave a copy, but the used quota remained the same.



Sorry i didn't include the configuration of the vpopmail

I configured the vpopmail with the following options:

./configure --enable-passwd=n --enable-ip-alias=y --enable-valias --enable-roaming-users=n --enable-sqlincdir=/usr/include/mysql/ \ --enable-sqllibdir=/usr/lib/mysql --enable-logging=y --enable-apop=y --enable-ucspi-dir=/usr/local --enable-roaming-users=n \ --enable-ip-alias-domains=y --enable-qmaildir=/var/qmail --enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/qmail/tcp.smtp --enable-learn-passwords \ --enable-clear-passwd --enable-many-domains=y --enable-qmail-ext=y --enable-auth-module=mysql --enable-sql-logging=y \ --enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/tcp.smtp --enable-mysql-limits --enable-domainquotas

and my vlimits.default is this:

# Default limits file.  This file is used for domains without a
# .qmailadmin-limits file.

# maximums for each account type, -1 = unlimited
maxpopaccounts          -1
maxforwards             -1
maxautoresponders       -1
maxmailinglists         -1

# quota for entire domain, in megabytes
# example shows a domain with a 100MB quota and a limit of 10,000 messages
#quota                  5242880
#maxmsgcount            10000

# default quota for newly created users (in bytes)
# example shows a user with a 10MB quota and a limit of 1000 messages
default_quota           5242880
#default_maxmsgcount    1000

# uncomment the following lines to disable certain features

# Set bitflags on account management for non-postmaster admins.
# To disable certain features, add the following bits:
#   Create = 1, Modify = 2, Delete = 4
# So, to allow modification but not creation or deletion of
# POP/IMAP accounts, set perm_account to 5.

perm_account            0
perm_alias              0
perm_forward            0
perm_autoresponder      0
perm_maillist           0
perm_quota              0
perm_defaultquota       0

Thanks for the help

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