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> So far everything works just fine but it would be great if the email
> accounts and web hosting space could be setup on the same directory. Instead
> of web sites in /home/virtuals/DOMAIN/www/htdocs and vpopmail domain in
> /home/vpopmail/DOMAIN/blablabla I want to setup up vpopmail so than
> everything is located in /home/virtual/DOMAIN/blablabla Is this possible?

Yes. Use '-d' switch for 'vadddomain':

mkdir /home/virtual/DOMAIN/mail
vadddomain -d /home/virtual/DOMAIN/mail DOMAIN

and vpopmail will put all DOMAIN related files to
'/home/virtual/DOMAIN/mail' and set up '/var/qmail/users/assign'
accordingly. Beware: vpopmail will create a directory named 'domains'
in './mail/', so the final structure will be:


but that shouldn't really matter as long as the goal is to get all
files of a DOMAIN into one directory and its children.
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