> Hi,
> I've done it a few times (sendmail to vpopmail, 30K+ users) with scripts
> etc to create the new users using the vpopmail tools, then again using
> scripts to get their Maildir directories from vpopmail and then moving
> the mail over.
> I've never just moved over an existing mail store directly, since of
> course, it doesn't create the hashes correctly.

How do you extract the existing cdb database so that you can view it and
then I can easily script it. Im just having problems with the cdb passwd

> There are a few different ways to do it depending on your backend, if
> you are using MySQL, then you can just update the mysql database with
> the user and password, leaving the maildir directory blank and it will
> automatically be updated when you pop into the account or sendmail to
> the account (really fast for creating 10K+ users).  If you are using the
> cdb interface, then you will have to create the users using the vpopmail
> tools, which might take 5-15 minutes depending on the number of users,
> disk speeds, CPU etc.
> HTH,
> Rick

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