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Jimmy Stewpot wrote:


I have got a system now working brilliantly after some issues with
massive mail stores. (see the Massive folders thread for more
information and thanks to everyone that helped me with that one).

I have an issue now where I am creating the users by inserting the
information into the mysql database and then authenticating that user.
That will then automatically create the folders for that users mail.
However as far as I can tell there is no easy way to go through and
delete the mail user when its deleted from the database. Is there any
easy way to do that with vpopmail?


~vpopmail/bin/vdeluser username

The problem I have with that is the mail access system is separate to
the mail store system which is separate to the DB server doing the

The way that I have put forward is when the users are deleted from the
DB I have the records copied into a todelete table. That to delete table
is then queried to create a text file then perl/bash just runs a for
loop each user.

Can anyone see any issues with that?

Should be fine as long as you remember that there might be .qmail-user files in the home directory of that domain.



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