kalin mintchev wrote:

hi all

using qmailadmin to create vacation messages. a .qmail file for the
vacation message is created in the users directory. that one is not being
read by vdelivermail because there is a .qmail-default in each domain's
directory. i manually have to move the .qmail one level up to
.qmail-vacation_user in order for the vacation message to work... i don't
want to move it manually. i don't know when users would like to go on
vacation. it doesn't work for them until they call me...

on this machine versions are like:

qmailadmin 1.2.0
vpopmail 5.4.0

i know both have newer versions..  is this taken care of in the newer




vdelivermail will read the .qmail file in the users directory. You should not need to move anything. You might need to upgrade your vpopmail version though.



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