kalin mintchev wrote:

vdelivermail will read the .qmail file in the users directory.  You
should not need to move anything.  You might need to upgrade your
vpopmail version though.

it doesn't...  all domains use maildrop in .qmail-default like:
|maildrop mailfilter

and the relevant lines in the mailfilter:

xfilter "/usr/bin/deliverquota $VHOME/Maildir"

i guess then deliverquota doesn't read the .qmail file...

copy is kept but vacation hasn't been used. there is nothing in the
maillog about sending mail back either....

Well since you aren't calling vdelivermail from the .qmail-default file, of course it isn't going to read the .qmail files in the users directories. You are stuck with creating the .qmail-vacation_user files manually in the top level directory if you don't use vdelivermail in the .qmail-default file.

You might try changing the

xfilter "/usr/bin/deliverquota $VHOME/Maildir"

to something like

xfilter "| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox"

and see if that helps.



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