kalin mintchev wrote:

vdelivermail is part of vpopmail, deliverquota is part of maildrop.

The older versions of vdelivermail did not correctly update the quota
when reading .qmail files in the users home dir.  That seems to be fixed
in 5.4.12

hi Rick...  thanks for sticking with this...

right now i have a test set up like this:
in the domain dir i have .qmail-default that call sthe mailfilter script
with |maildrop mailfilter

mailfilter checks if there is a .mailfilter in the individual user's
directory and uses that one instead of the default.

for the purpose of this test i switched vdeliverquota to vdelivermail
in either mailfilter. i get the mail in the mailbox but the vacation
message  is not sent.  .qmail is not being read...

are you saying that if i upgrade to 5.4.12 this will work? i guess i'd
have to upgrade qmailadmin too after that....

No, 5.4.12 just fixes some quota update problems, the .qmail files in the users home dirs should still work. Can you send me a copy of your mailfilter script, the users mailfilter script if any, and a copy of the .qmail file off list ?

Also, what is vdeliverquota ?  or do you mean deliverquota ?



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