On Wednesday 03 August 2005 02:31 pm, Tren Blackburn wrote:
> Hey Everyone;
> Trying to compile the vpopmail.pm module and am getting the following
> errors:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] vpopmail-0.08]# make

> In file included from vpopmail.xs:12:
> /home/vpopmail/include/vpopmail.h:132:13: error: macro "crypt" requires
> 2 arguments, but only 1 given

> I've checked google, as well as the bluenote.net page for the author who
> wrote the module, however it seems like the module is dead.  I have an
> application that uses this module, and it's since broken during a server
> migration.  If anyone has any help on compiling this module, that would
> be appreciated.

where did you get this module?  I can have a look at it.

it could be super ancient or something.


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