Alle 21:44, venerdì 5 agosto 2005, Rick Macdougall ha scritto:
> Riccardo Bini wrote:
> >I have vpopmail 5.4.10, /home dir in nfs and quota enabled
> >Each virtual domain has a user (vadddomain -u user and the
> > users has a system quota (filesystem quota).
> >Well, when a user is over quota the emails are delivered with size 0.
> >It's possible to have vdelivermail check system quota for the user and
> > bounce the email with warnmessage?
> Hi,
> Are the actually delivered or do they hang around in the local queue and
> re-try delivery ?  If they are actually being delivered with a 0 file
> size there is a bug in vdelivermail or quota over nfs.
The first. 
Quota over nfs works beacause i tried to create a file with the user over the 
quota and the system denied the operation.


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