hello all,

here is the great setup:
vpopmail 5.4.9
openldap 2.2.26

everything is ok : add,remove,modify accounts that's are on the ldap.
I get mails & co :)

but, as many people as seen on the mailing list, i can't authenticate
users from something else than vpopmail.

from the mailing list, the best information i could find is a
difference in the MD5 generated by vpopmail and others


I think this workaround (going to crypt) is not possible now, it's md5
or DES... Am I right ?

does someone know if something is going to be done ?
It's great to have accounts in ldap to share them between apps, but if
it's not possible, then it's useless...

another thing :
i have an *old* mailer with vpopmail 5.2.1 & openldap 2.0.X and this
is NOT an issue.

thank you in advance,
Best regards,
 Mathieu                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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