David Erickson wrote:
So since it uses crypt, which isn't md5, there is no way for me to convert
it to an md5.  I guess the best thing to do then is just to store the pw's
as plain text, then convert them to whatever I need to, to operate with my
other systems?  Or is there a patch to have vpopmail store them as md5's?

Right, crypt uses DES. I had that confused with MD5.
For the smtp auth, that requires MD5, we store the clear text password.

I'm not aware of anyone who's written code to use MD5 encrypted passwords.



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David Erickson wrote:

Hi we are using vpopmail 5.4.6 with mysql for virtual domains.  I was


to look at the source for how the passwords are crypted, I'm new to this


it looked like they are encrypted (with salt) md5 hashes?  I was


if there is anyway to convert them to a normal md5 digest for use in



It uses the standard unix crypt() function call.
Most systems now days use MD5 so the password should
start with a $1$

Ken Jones

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