On Friday, August 19, 2005 at 10:34:23 AM Peter (I) wrote:

> If you need a MD5-hashed version it should be rather easy to patch
> vpopmail to store this additional value in database whenever it
> changes the password, it's just one additional column to store and
> vpopmail does not even have to MD5 the string itself, it just has to
> insert a value 'MD5("passwd")' in SQL-[INSERT|UPDATE] for MySQL
> storing the MD5 hash of the password. I'll take a look at the source
> later today or tomorrow [...]

And I did take a look. The patch is rather simple, I just sent it to
David. As don't I expect much interest in MD5-hashed[1] passwords
stored in database I didn't sent it here. If somebody is interested
please drop me a note.

[1] not to mix up with crypt() using MD5 to hash the password
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