John Simpson wrote:

if you can write a plug-in which reads a cdb file, i've already written a script which generates a list of every valid email address on a vpopmail system. i wrote it because i also wrote a patch for qmail-smtpd which checks RCPT TO arguments against the cdb file.


How will this handle extensions?

For example, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Would I need to strip the extensions and look up [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Also, what about catchall? If a domain has a catch all then I'd need to look it up and use that.

How is the cdb generated? Presumably it must be re-created either at regular intervals or whenever users are added/deleted/modified? explains the patch, and the bottom half of the page talks about the script. if it can help you, feel free...

I can't read your web page as IE is the corporate standard in my workplace and I am not able to change it easily.



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