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Hello all,

some points regarding vpopmail & ldap.

1/ qmailUser.schema

   while it is working with openldap 2.2.26, it's not with openldap
          it inherits objects from person objectclass where they are
          MUST. qmailUser call them in a MAY but it's not correct.
          We can go from may to must but not the oppposite.

          The matter is that qmailadmin does not create the sn & cn
          and so it's not possible to create account with 2.2.27

2/ Round robin DNS
         i have put ldap.mydomain.com in vldap.h it returns two ip in
         round robin. it works, but if i shutdown the one used, vchkpw
         does not fail over to the other one.
         it should go to the other one after the dns ttl expires. does
         someone already done it with success ?
         how to clear the dns cache entry used by vpopmail ?

The DNS is cached by whatever local resolver you are using.This may be dnscache, or bind. For dnscache, just restart it to clear it's cache, and for bind, you will need to read the man page.

Besides the point, round robin DNS is not a really good fail-safe way to do backup hosts. I'd suggest at looking at CARP. For a small fix, set the timeout on DNS to 10 seconds, and the local resolver will fetch new records every ten seconds, so it is a max of 10 seconds that vpopmail should keep one IP. Full disclosure: I am assuming the code in vpopmail will randomly pick an IP address or, at least try them one at a time if one of them fails. I have not checked this. Nor do i run a vpopmail system with LDAP.

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