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is there a eMPF patch file for qmail under qmailrocks ?



As far as i know as long you have smtp-auth patch you can also applied the eMPF patch.

Ronald Chan

Correct me if I'm wrong. I have got eMPF pacth created by Bill Shupp and
I sure that its different with smtp-auth. its for administering rule and
policy message.
What do you think of?

empf is a patch written by, which allows you to create custome rules whether you will allow or deny some mails to relay or accept base on your criteria or policy. I think smpt-auth patch is one of the requirement of empf patch in order for this to work. i'm sorry i'm not aware of Bill Shupp pop toaster thing.

My current setup is OpenBSD 3.7 qmail+spamcontrol+vpopmail+empf+qmail-scanner+spamassassin+procmail

Ronald Chan
Hi Ronald,

did you have build eMPF to your qmail successfully ? because I got an
error when compiling 'make qmail-smtpd'. could you explain more easy for
me ?

Yes i build it with my qmail installation successfully, our mileage may vary but i can only give you a tip on this since i don't use
Bill Shupp's qmail toaster.

Here's what you need on the stock qmail with qmail-auth patch you can get empf patch from and follow instruction accordingly. Please remember empf patch rely on qmail-auth patch in order this to work.

In your case since you are using Bill Shupp's qmail toaster i know it's heavily modified and you can't straight patch the empf to your qmail installation. Here is what you need base on the documentation i read from

Bill Shupp's qmail toaster eMPF patch
created by Mike Tesliuk

Do you have this patch on hand ? if yes please read them carefully on how to integrate it with your qmail installation. if there's a lot of error kicks in just reply on this e-mail and paste the original error message since, the list can't diagnose further problem if you are saying I got an error when compiling 'make qmail-smtpd'. Please be more specific the more error you provide the better of chances a lot of people helping you.

Sorry friend for my wrong grammar since i'm not a native english speaker.

Best regards,

Ronald Chan

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