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On Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 2:15:29 PM Tanmaya wrote:

> I would like to know everyone feedback on how you handle old mails say 2 
> months old.

On the server? I don't care. Who am I to decide when mail is to old?

> Also, how one implements deleting mails, say older than 2 months, from user's 
> mailbox.

1. find it
2. delete it

Finding can be done e.g. by using 'find' with option '-mtime'. Two
months old mail might be found by

 $>find `getent passwd vpopmail |cut -d : -f 6`/domains/*/ -type f \
        -name '[0-9]*' -path '*/Maildir/cur/*' -mtime +60
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