I have a strange problem. I have a debian-qmail-vpopmail-courier imap
server. I don't know if this is a vpopmail problem or courier imap.

I added a new domain and user (vadddomain b.com;vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]) 
the other day and I copied all the email for 1 user to the new domain:

cp -Rp ~vpopmail/domains/a.com/bob/Maildir/cur/* 

I also copied over an imap folder:

cp -Rp ~vpopmail/domains/a.com/bob/Maildir/.Save 

Everything works good except every 2-3 minutes, my Thunderbird says I have
2 new emails at [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I look and there is nothing there.

Did I do something wrong on my copy? I checked all the permissions on both 
and they are the same. Help. 

Thanks - Eric

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