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Here is my chkuser_settings file :


 * Uncomment the following define if you want chkuser ALWAYS enabled.
 * If uncommented, it will check for rcpt existance despite any
 * setting.
 * So, unsomments this if you are aware that ALL rcpt in all domains will be
 * ALWAYS checked.

This setting makes chkuser works aways, without checking bouncing or catchall within .qmail-default.

Comment it, and be sure bouncing is enabled everywhere except the catchall domain..

 * Uncomment the following line if you want chkuser to work depending on
a VARIABLE setting
 * VALUE HERE DEFINED is the name of the variable
 * Values admitted inside the variable: NONE | ALWAYS | DOMAIN
 *              NONE    = chkuser will not work
 *              ALWAYS  = chkuser will work always
 *              DOMAIN  = chkuser will work depending by single domain
 * if CHKUSER_ALWAYS_ON is defined, this define is useless
 * if CHKUSER_STARTING_VARIABLE is defined, and no variable or no value
is set, then chkuser is disabled

As you comment out the previous define, be careful to comment/use this one in the right way.

If you comment it, be sure bouncing is enabled for each needed domain.

If you don't comment it, change it to

and set a variable called CHKUSER_START = "DOMAIN". Then set up bouncing for each needed domain.



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