Hi Dave,

I just discovered that the chkuser-2.0.8b-release ships with a netqmail-1.05_auth-0.4.2_chkuser-2.0.8.patch. Maybe this is the patch Matt is referring to.

And I'm not sure, but I guess that this patch is Dr Erwin's auth patch(the one shipped in vpopmail's contrib directory) but with adaptations to be compatible to chkuser.

But I could not find any documentation about what exactly netqmail-1.05_auth-0.4.2_chkuser-2.0.8.patch is.

If someone out there knows, tell me please.

Thanks in advance,
Bruno Negrao

I don't think he meant it would replace a smtp-auth solution ( I saw the message as well). I use the smtp auth patch included in the contrib directory though I cannot comment on how well it works with chkuser as I run a smtp-auth daemon seperate on another port and let my PIX restrict who has access to smtp-auth.


Thank you in advance,
Bruno Negrao.

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Bruno Negrao wrote:

Making a research in vchkpw's mailing list archive I discovered that
vpopmail ships a smtp authentication patch in the "contrib" directory.
People are using it.

Inter7 uses the chkusr patch, and it works just as well with SMTP
authentication, and with eMPF.
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