I haven't posted on this list in a while. I'm currently running 5.4.6. It looks
like two separate versions of vpopmail are being maintained. A "Stable" version
(5.4.x) on sourceforge, and... I see mention of a 5.5 version with a vpopmaild
from a thread back in August 2005, but I can't find a download for 5.5 on the
inter7 site anymore. Kinda scary.

So I've come up with three questions:

1.) I'm due for another round of mail server upgrades, and I've noticed that
courier imap on Gentoo is now more or less demanding authdaemon support. At one
time in the past, vpopmail was far too leaky to run under authdaemon. Is that
still the case? Or has it been cleaned up enough that authdaemon isn't a problem

2.) Also, Mr. Sam seemed to be getting increasingly hostile toward the vpopmail
community. One such example was the disabling of vpopmail auth support (or was
it something related to pop-before-smtp? I can't remember the specifics, I just
know I'm running a patch for it right now) in sqwebmail due to a supposed
security vulnerability in vpopmail. Do Courier-IMAP & sqwebmail still work well
with vpopmail? Or is everyone beginning to look elsewhere?

3.) In addition, is vpopmaild still something on the roadmap for vpopmail? Or
has it gone away entirely?


Jesse Guardiani

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