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Hi Jesse

1.) I'm due for another round of mail server upgrades, and I've noticed that
courier imap on Gentoo is now more or less demanding authdaemon support.

Courier-IMAP v4.x no longer runs without authdaemon. The authentication code
has been removed from the individual Courier applications, and is now bundled as
a seperate Courier-Authlib package

At one
time in the past, vpopmail was far too leaky to run under authdaemon. Is that still the case? Or has it been cleaned up enough that authdaemon isn't a problem

As you say, there used to be problems with Courier-IMAP running with
authdaemon, but that only in versions prior to Courier-IMAP v3.0.

2.) Also, Mr. Sam seemed to be getting increasingly hostile toward the vpopmail community. One such example was the disabling of vpopmail auth support (or was it something related to pop-before-smtp? I can't remember the specifics, I just
know I'm running a patch for it right now) in sqwebmail due to a supposed
security vulnerability in vpopmail. Do Courier-IMAP & sqwebmail still work well
with vpopmail? Or is everyone beginning to look elsewhere?

Yep there was a nasty IMAP-before-SMTP bug in the Courier-IMAP vchkpw
code, but again that was fixed in the vchkpw code updates that were bundled
in the Courier-IMAP v3.0 release. Mr Sam sometimes seems to cop a bad
rap regarding the vchkpw stuff, but really the problem is that noone from the
vpopmail development team have been maintaining the vchkpw code that is
bundled with Courier-IMAP. Thus when there is a bug, people start blaming
him for all the problems, when he doesnt really have anything to do with
that part of the Courier code.

Note though that IMAP-before-SMTP no longer works in Courier-IMAP v4.x

Here are some notes from my page

"IMAP-before-SMTP is possible when using Courier-IMAP v3.x. However it only works when configured "--with-authvchkpw --without-authdaemon". When running --without-authdaemon, Courier-IMAP's authvchkpw code is able to make use of vpopmail's roaming user functions to allow IMAP-before-SMTP functionality. IMAP-before-SMTP is not possible when Courier-IMAP has been complied --with-authdaemon, because in this mode the user's IP address is not made available to the authvchkpw code (via the TCPREMOTEIP env var). Also note that in Courier-IMAP v4.x and later, --without-authdaemon functionality is no longer available thus preventing IMAP-before-SMTP from working"

I use Courier-IMAP v4.x with vpopmail 5.4.x, and it works fine. SqWebMail also works no problem.

For what its worth, I also use the Courier-IMAP/Courier-POP3d/SqWebMail combo on a lot of Postfix servers at my place of employment, and it runs nice and stable in that config as well (either authing via PAM, or via MySQL). The reason this particular combo is often chosen is because of it's native support for the Maildir++ quota system. There is a patch for Postfix to enable Maildir++ quotas, so then when you bundle all these apps together you have a pretty decent virtual mailbox system that goes close to rivalling vpopmail.


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