On Sep 15, 2005, at 1:02 PM, sparky wrote:
You need to recompile vpopmail with the -fPIC option.

Common error due to vpopmail's stubborn refusal to use libtool.
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I went back and complied vpopmail with the -fPIC option "./configure CFLAGS=-fPIC" and the issue remained.

any ideas?

Try using the attached makefiles (apologies for sending a 10K file to the list, but it should help others until I get the next vpopmail release out).

If using libtool would solve this problem (and hopefully others), I'm all for using it. Please email a response to the poster on the courier-imap list that we're open to making the change if he/she can describe the benefits and point us in the right direction to make use of it. Have him/her contact me directly, I'd love to have someone overhaul the vpopmail configure/build system.

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