Thanks Tom,

On friday night I dropped and killed my laptop and am just now back online. I will install it this evening and see what I can see.


Tom Collins wrote:

Minor changes to 5.4.12, which was released two months ago.

The most significant change is to compile libvpopmail with the -fPIC option,
which supposedly corrects a problem when trying to compile courier-imap
with vpopmail support on the AMD64 platform.

This release will be considered beta for the next 30 days, and if no serious
errors crop up, we'll switch it to "stable".

5.4.13 - released 16-Sep-05

Riccardo Bini
- vdelivermail.c: Use DOMAINS_DIR instead of hard-coded "domains".

Jory A. Pratt
- Compile libvpopmail with -fPIC option so amd64 users can compile
  courier-authlib against libvpopmail.a.

Tom Collins
- hmac_md5.c: include <strings.h> for bzero and bcopy declarations.
- fix checks to limit enable-valias to MySQL only.
- INSTALL: make clear that valias only applies to MySQL backend.
- vpopmail.c: modify get_remote_ip() to work with xinetd, not
  just tcpserver from daemontools.

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