I built a Qmail box following Bill Schupp's instructions on the web. For
various reasons I then needed to add a "normal" qmail domain for a
normal local shell account (ie, not via vpopmail).

For some reason, if I try and send mail to this domain, I get a 500
relay denied error, even though the domain has been added to rcpthosts
and virtualdomains.

Why is this? Do "real" qmail domains no longer work on a box which has
vpopmail installed? How can I get this to work? I'm about 90% sure this
WAS working at one stage, but then I moved the domain to another box and
now it isn't working when I try and move it back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm off on holiday at the end
of the week and really need to get this sorted before I go!



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